Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hello, again.

Hey There! Remember when you used to write on this blog somewhat frequently? Well this life of mine has been a little bit crazy, but crazy in a good way. We have just been working, spending time with our ever growling TODDLER!!!, and making memories. There are a few times that I have pulled up an empty page to write out a new blog post, but it didn't feel right for some dumb reason.

But after reading some other posts on some of my favorite blogs, it gives me a huge urge to write again.

There have been many changes in my life since last time I wrote. On New Years I joined everyone in setting resolutions goals for this new year. Here are my personal goals:

- Finish one round of BBG (Bikini Body Guides; more on this later)
- Make more dinners at home/ Healthy meals (be prepared for some good recipes)
-Continue reading the list of books on Bon's Book Club.

Goals for Jake and I:
-Finish reading the Book of Mormon
-Be better with money

So far we are keeping with our goals. It isn't that hard when it is a GOAL not a RESOLUTION. A resolution has such a bad rap that comes with it. Mentally it is something that you know you will fail at. Because everyone talks about how a resolution is something you do for the first week and then you're done.
A goal is something you are holding yourself accountable for. I feel like a goal is much more achievable.

Did you set any goals for yourself this year? If not. Start now! Think of something, just one thing, you want different in your life. Write it down and go for it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

8 Months

8 Months!

Seriously! She has been out almost as long as she was in! Our happy baby is now talking baby talk like crazy! She had a horrible week of teething which resulted in a fever for a couple days, super swollen gums, and 3 possibly 4 teeth poking through! Poor girl, but she still smiled and giggled through it! The worst part was Mom got to deal with all of it while dad was hunting. But that's okay, I got all of her snuggles! She has 4 official teeth, two top and two bottom. She hates missing out on any fun and refuses to nap while everyone is playing. She is moving and scooting all over and attempting to crawl. She has said dada and mama, but dada came first and is said the most. We love our little lady. Happy 8 months my love.

7 Months

7 Months came and went in the blink of an eye. But I like to have these updates because they help me fill out Bree's baby book.

At 7 months Bree is the happiest baby. I'm pretty sure I say this every month but she is so giggly, I love that she is so smiley! She does have her moments of sass and I catch of glimpse of how she will be in her teen years.
Bree has her 2 bottom teeth and loves to bite your fingers if they are anywhere near her mouth. She is scooting all around thinking she really wants to move.

She is so fun and we love spending every day with her!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Book Review: The Happiness Project

Join in on Bon's Book Club here.

The Happiness Project

This is a popular book that I saw floating around the social media world about a year and a half ago. Mostly around the beginning of the year when people were making resolutions. I kept telling myself that I would read it eventually, and here I am. I read it, and it was basically written for me.

Gretchen Ruben decided one day on a bus in New York that she was happy, but not as happy as she could be. She decided to do some major research into what philosophers and researchers were saying causes happiness in ones life. She made herself monthly resolutions to tackle issues in her life that could help her become a happier person. Some were simple like 'singing in the morning', 'going to bed early', and 'doing something you love'. Some were a little more complicated like, 'Imitate a Spiritual Master', 'Fight right', 'Clean your closet'.

I was so excited about this book, not because I don't think I'm unhappy, but, I agree with Gretchen, that I feel like I could be happier. After having a baby its hard to readjust life from 2 people to 2 adults and a small child that needs your constant love and support. Every line I read I would think to myself "yeah I do that. I could change that!" I had found that I had become nagy towards Jake, I felt like I was owed praise or a gold star for getting the house clean and the laundry done. I was keeping score when it came to Bree, i.e. I was up with the baby all night and you are now taking a nap. I made dinner and now you are getting hunting stuff together. Those things were really bringing me down. And they were dumb things to be upset about. I can do the dishes. I can do the laundry. It doesn't take long to get it all done.

I am so grateful for Jake and for all of the hard work he does for our family. He was constantly working and he didn't need this angry wife to come home to.

I was so glad I read this book. It helped me look inside myself and see what really wasn't making me as happy as I could be. I enjoyed Gretchen's insight so much that I bought her second book, 'Happiness At Home'. I am currently reading this book and have already bought a scarf hanger because I have been putting it off for years! Also Jake and I have made a plan to declutter our house this fall and deep clean, so we will see how well it works!

Have you read either one of these books?

What did you think of them? Did you make use of her happiness guide?

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