Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Married Life

Hey everyone! here we go, this is my first post. I'm hoping this is the best way for people to keep up with us Hansens :) Well to start out, this is a blog about me and my husband, April and Jake Hansen.

We were married May 18, 2012. We just got back from our honeymoon the beginning of this week. We went on the Carnival Cruise to the Mexican Rivera; Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. We drove to California! People say that they get in their first fight on their honeymoon, well I am very proud to say that we still haven't got into our first fight. Knock on wood!!!!

I don't have the cord to my camera right now so I will upload the driving pictures later. In Cabo we went driving on a dune buggy. That was Jakes choice and I personally could have done without it. Later when we talked about it, Jake could've done without it too! Haha. But the next day was much better. We got to swim with dolphins!!!! That was my choice, and a good one if I do say so myself!!

Isn't He just sooooo cute!?! I honestly do not remember his name but he was very very cute. And dolphins are absolutely extremely smart!!! They don't understand talking but they are trained to do certain things by actions.

Like this, just crossing your arms, they know to kiss you!!! :) I loved it. We both did. they were so dang cute and smart! This was just  part of the fun in Cabo, but memorable for sure!

After Cabo we went farther down the coast to Puerto Vallarta. It is more of the jungle area and rain forrest. It is so beautiful and green. Humid! It is also very very humid. Jake served his mission in the same kind of area. He served in the Mexico, Tuxtla-Gutierrez Mission of the LDS church. It is close to Guatemala so very rain forresty. So while I was dying of the heat and hyperventilating, Jake was just chilling and making plans for us to move to Puerto Vallarta. 
Here we took a speed boat ride across the ocean for 20 minutes to the best part of Puerto. After we made it to the beach we took one of these sweet army trucks about 30 minutes up the mountain.

On our way up the mountain we saw what Puerto Vallarta really is like. Poor, warn, broken down houses. It was very sad to see but made me appreciate all that I have!!! We stopped and picked up quit a few kids who were on their way home from school. There were some kids that lived up very steep hills and about 10 miles away from where we picked them up. I was amazed that they walk that every day! to and from school.

Once we got up to our destination we changed and got all of our repelling and zip line gear. Then we started on our adventure. First we rode mules!!!!

Yeah that's right!!!! k, they were stinky and stopped to use the bathroom every two seconds!! but it for sure was an adventure. After we rode the mules up the mountain for what seemed forever, we were finally to our first stop. Our first mountain to zipline off of. When we got there and it was my turn I kept dancing in line. My heart was racing, my legs were shaking, and yet I couldn't wait to get on that line!!
Then it happened:

Yeah... It was absolutely amazing!!!!! And BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! (don't mind that fat hanging out of my shirt!)
Jake on the other hand was so cool about it. Just did it all like it was nothing!!! But he sure does look good doing it!!

He's cool!!! We zip lined for a little bit then when rappelling off of a waterfall that was easily 100 ft. It was a little scary I won't lie. Jake and I bought new Nike shoes in St. George on the way down just for this, and well.... mine weren't as "grippy" as Jakes were. There was a little bit of sliding but we made it down safely.
Finally there were the last few zip lines then the end. It was a beautiful adventure, and we both agreed that it was the best excursion that we went on. Mexico was great; Got a little seasick and carsick on the way home but we finally made it home. Safe and sound to our cute little home!
Hope my first post went great.. I'll try to keep it updated on our crazy little life.


  1. Oh my GOSH! April! That looks like a HOOT! I love your face on the zipline! I'm so glad you had fun! (kinda coveting those dolphin pics) oh heck, I covet the whole trip!

    Love you two! (P.S keep up the blog, I always start, then lose interest. Hopefully it will be better after we get married!

    See you Saturday!

  2. Love it.. Looks like quite the adventure! I love blogs...


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