Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend in a flash. **POW**

WOW! Where did the weekend go!? Holy HANNAH! Well thats okay, I had a very wonderful weekend! We went on a date with Jakes cousin, Logan, and his wifey, Tia. It was a year from their first date, which we happened to be there with them. So it was just right that we all went as a group again! :) soooooo  fun!

Got some yummy Brick Oven. Stuff our little faces and headed up to Salt Lake City to go look at the pretty Christmas lights. If you are not LDS or if you are and have never been, IT IS A MUST! They are so pretty, and amazing that they can put up so many lights, and on every single branch of trees. Its crazy!

And of course, we had to make our way to City Creek.

It was fun! and I love these two. Logie and Tianator are the best ever.

As you can tell in the pictures, it snowed! WHOOOO!!!

and well...

I am paying for it today. I don't know why, but I am.

HARRY THE HONDA BROKE DOWN. At Walmart parking lot...

But my Knight in Shining Armor came to my rescue :)

While I was sitting in the snow in nothing but my sweatshirt and my toms.. He fixed my harry. well.... kinda.

I am so glad that I married such a handy man. Oh what would I do without my Mr. Jake.


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    1. The starter went out, but Harry and I were reconnected last night :) thank heavens!


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