Thursday, January 10, 2013

Celebrity Venting

Okay. For the past few weeks, these few people have been on my mind. Because I'm obsessed with them. Creepy i know, but lets be honest, we all have our celebrity crushes. So here are a few of mine. Yes, they are female, but us ladies have to have someone to be jealous of. Right??

First off:


She is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

ahhh! the best part of it too, is that she was pretty much a nobody. (i don't mean that rude)

She's so classy.

and beautiful.

Yesterday I was browsing around all of my celebrity gossip sites at work, and waaaalaaa! 
Happy Birthday to Kate! But there was also this. A whole slue, yes slue, of pictures of the advancement of Kates wardrobe. I kind of enjoyed it!

Next is..


I love her. Its hard to admit, I don't know why, but I do. Especially with her new CD Red. ah I love it!

But I will say I do feel bad for her. I hate that everyone is always says that whenever she breaks up with someone that there will be a new CD. Like as of late...

Taylor and Harry broke up over the holidays. 
My opinion on it all is, She is 23. If she wasn't famous, she would be just a regular girl dating. 

I think she's amazing that she writes her own songs. She uses real life experiences, and quite a bit of people judge her because of that, but 22,755,962 twitter followers says that they don't matter. 

She's amazing, and beautiful.



If you know me, then you know that I live, breath, and bleed FRIENDS. I grew up watching it, I have seen every episode at least a million times! I can quote any episode, relate anything in my life to any episode. I really can't say who my favorite is out of all the friends cast, but if I ABSOLUTELY had to choose Rachel -- Jennifer -- would be mine.

Like all the rest of the girls, she's beautiful! and super talented!

Any movie she is in, she's amazing. 

and I plus, my husband loves her too! So he will go to her chick flicks with me!



If you follow my instagram then you know that I have been obsessed with How I Met Your Mother lately. And I am obsessed with both Robin and Lily.

They need to get back together. Robin is beautiful.

Lily is Beautiful.

I'm obsessed.


  1. HIMYM is my favorite. Barney is the funniest ever and Lily and Marshall are perfect!


    1. They are the best! and I can't wait for season 8 to come to netflix.


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