Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinterest Wednesday

Its Wednesday again!!! and yes, you get two posts from me today because, I just couldn't let you all suffer from withdrawals! so here we are again. I was looking through my pinterest this week thinking what I could have this weeks Pinterest Wednesday be on, and then I realized. Why not do it on what I get on pinterest pretty much every day for.


So here are some of the recipes I have tried, I'll give you my inside scoop, and just a warning, not all of them turned out okay.

These Pulled Pork Slow Cooker Taco's, they were pretty good. You have the option to use either tomato sauce or salsa, if I could go back and make these again, I would use salsa. They were good, but it just had way too much tomato taste.

Okay!! This whole blog, hands down, has the best recipes I've tried!! These are the Chicken Parmesan Dippers. These are so easy to make. All of her recipes are. They are fast and all of her recipes makes enough for two people! If you need more, just double the recipe! Seriously everything I've made from here, Jake loves!


I made these for Christmas. This was seriously the biggest hit! And they were so simple! Jake's grandma was so surprised that I made them because they were so good (not in a rude way :)) I brought them down to my family and they just ate them right up as well! These are a must try!

Sorry! The link didn't work on this one, but do you really need the recipe?? Cut up sausage into bite size pieces put them in a mini muffin tin, pour pancake mix over it. Bake until pancakes are fluffy. I don't know. I just tried this one morning while I was sitting on the couch starving! They were so good, and so easy they seriously only like like 10 minutes. If that!

These are the biggest hit at our house. They are so simple, ( are you seeing a pattern with my recipes?) AND! they are made with tortillas! You would be surprised how many of these actually fill you up. 4! thats my number. Its crazy.

Okay, last one. If you have not tried these Double Crunch Honey Garlic Pork Chops, It is a crime. A literal Crime! These are the best things EVER!!! I made these for the first time right after Jake and I got engaged. It was my first real big cooking adventure in college, and they were a success. I will admit, these do take a little longer to make, and I still haven't got it figured out where it will cook the pork without burning the outside. But they are amazing. You need to go shopping TONIGHT! and get everything for this because you and your family will die over how yummy these are!

Hansen Love

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