Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend, and then some

This weekend has been so good! After trying to get stuff done, I feel like I didn't get anything done.

If some of you didn't know, J and I are looking to buy a house with in the next few months. Before April when our contract is up.

Buying a house takes a lot more than I thought. In my mind I thought we would just find the house that was for us, in our price range, with everything I want in a house.

Well... for people where that happens to them.. KUDOS! This is much harder. Working with a picky husband doesn't work either.
 I want the house with the fireplace, but its in a cul de sac which J doesn't like. **we also got stuck, I'll tell about that in a second. **

I like the big house, but the garage is too small. He likes the small house but I think its too plane.

ahh! So many factors. Windows, trees, stairs, basement - finished and unfinished, garage, the yard, the neighborhood.

Anyways back to the stuck story. We were driving around on Saturday, just driving by the houses that we like. The first house we go to is in the cul de sac.  We pull up and I decide I like the house even more than I did in the picture. Well... this road is SERIOUSLY the only road that didn't get plowed during this huge snow storm. So J decided he would drive out so we didn't get stuck. Right as we are pulling out... we get stuck. I sat in the car laughing for like 15 minutes. Then this guy walks out of his house (carrying his dog) and told us he'd come help us after he took his dog for a walk... Confused.

Anyway after about 10 more minutes a little high school kid comes pulling up and helps us push our car out of the snow, and I make the worst mistake every and let that car come to a stop... we got stuck again. But worse. And now the guy with the dog, J , and this high school kid are pushing our car out of 6 inches of snow. Needless to say, J was not in the best mood after that.

It was too funny though.

After our stress of looking at houses.. more like driving by. We came home hooked up the x-box and my amazing husband played Just dance with me.
I absolutely love when he plays with me, because he can't dance! but it just makes me laugh to see him play with me!!! I love him for that!!!

 I was getting into the game way more than I probably should have!! So much that I started whipping out some of my old cheer moves! It started getting scary.

I decided since He played Just Dance with me I would play his NBA game with him.. I lost... 4 games.

But that's kind of what marriage is.. I'll do what you want to do if you'll do what I want to do. (and sometimes its just your doing what i want,, RIGHT!?)


Change of subject.

J and I are Sunday School teachers in our ward.

For the 12 year olds...

I know.

hold your tears!

But today was our first day with our new class. When we were first put in as sunday school teachers, I wanted to strangle every one of our kids, but as we started to get to know them and love them, I miss them so much more than I thought I was going to.

With our new way of teaching, we have one topic for the whole month, and then suggested topics to teach around for the month. This month is the Godhead, and for our first lesson we chose to teach about the Holy Ghost. (to learn more go Here) while we were teaching our lesson today we asked our new kids if they knew the feeling of the Holy Ghost.

They didn't know if they had or not. So we directed them to scriptures that told them the feelings that you get when you feel the Holy Ghost. Joy, happiness, long-suffering.. I started to think back to all of the times that I have been privileged to feel the Holy Ghost. 

As we went on, we invited them to act upon those feelings..

I started to think, am I doing that? Am I listening to the Holy Ghost? Am I acting upon it?

People always say that the teacher will sometimes learn more than the students. 

New Goal for the week!

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