Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap


I hope you all had a good weekend!! We sure did. You all know how I was trying to win tickets for front row tickets to George Strait. Well I didn't win them. Thats okay. We still had tickets and had an amazing time.

Before we left on Friday we had to take my car to the shop and get all sorts of problems fixed with it, that really didn't get fixed. Then we packed up and were on our way. We left just a tad early and we couldn't check in until 3. So we went to the gateway for lunch. Jake decided to go to Tuchanos and it was such a good idea too! If you've ever been to that wonderful Tuchanos, then you know that it is actually kind of expensive... FOR DINNER!! Lunch was so cheap! Granted they didn't have my favorite meat on the lunch menu, but I will take paying $40 for two people instead of $70.

After we enjoyed our delightful lunch we decided we would go check in and hang out at the hotel until the concert started. I got us a room at the Marriott, and I was so excited to surprise Jake with it. If you are familiar with Salt Lake then you know that there are two different Marriotts in a two block radius. Well I didn't know that!

And was kind of really embarrassed when we went to check in, and they say "Miss Hansen you are booked at the City Center. Not here." ah I felt so dumb. So we caught valet before they took my car away and drove down to the city center. After checking in, things went smoother. We took a nap and watched some tv. Then got ready to go to the concert. Jake wanted to walk to the concert .. (5 blocks). It was too cold for that.  So we took trax to the ESA.

There we went and stood at my favorite radio stations booth for a minute. Only because I know the DJ and grew up with his daughter.

After a while we went in and got in line for t-shirts. My poor husband hates crowds and tight spaces like that. So he pretty much was freaking out the whole time. But I told him he HAD to have a shirt because he doesn't have any shirts for any of the concerts he's been to. But I have a ton from every concert! haha

When we went to sit down, I was amazed at how good our seats were. Except for that fact that we sat on the row where EVERYONE was drinking 30 beers each and got up and left every 2 seconds.

But it was such a good concert, and Jake didn't cry like I thought he would. He did smile a whole bunch though. On the way back to the hotel we got on tracks. I sat down in a seat and he saw a lady standing and let her have his seat! WHAT A GENTLEMAN RIGHT!?!?!? ahhh I love that boy!

Saturday we slept in until our room service came, ate all of our yummies and then went swimming. I absolutely LOVE swimming! We had a plan to go to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session, so we got showered and got ready.

With just our luck, the Temple was closed for cleaning. Every time we've tried to go the temple its been closed. So we headed home.

Jakes little brother plays city league basketball. We got back early enough that we went to his game. I have problems. Serious problems and I have major anxiety when I go to his games. He's an all star and I love watching him play. Future NBA player.

After his game we went and walked through a house that we've been looking at. Not impressed. But we had another house to look through though.

After looking through the house we got a phone call from Jakes parents saying they weren't going to the jazz game and wanted to know if we wanted to go. OF COURSE we're always up for a game. So we headed back to Salt Lake to watch the Jazz play an amazing game against the pacers.

Sunday I decided to try my luck and mix patterns. Plaid Shirt, and checkered skirt. I think it worked out well :)

While waiting for dinner at the in laws we went and looked through the second house we were interested in. And kids. I'M IN LOVE! Its so cute. And its about a block away from Jakes parents which is kind of nice! I love my in laws and am more than happy to live that close to them.

Sunday night while waiting for Jake to go home teaching I got the house cleaned up, laundry done, then we played a little Jenga. Which was super intense. We ended the night with the movie Life As We Know it.

We had a VERY long weekend. Heres to hoping this week goes by fast!!!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the tickets. I'm glad that you guys had fun though! So was this for a special occasion, or just because? Love that outfit by the way. plaid + boots = love :)

    1. Thank you JaNae! it was Jake's Christmas present. thank you, I seriously just put random things together because we were late for church haha.

  2. A! Was George Spectacular or WHAT?! You're life is so exciting, I will live vicariously through you!

    1. Jake said it was more of a mellow one compared to some that he has been to. haha I'm glad you think my life is exciting. I feel like I do the same thing every day! haha. Come and visit.

  3. awe that is awesome!! Glad you had such a blast!!!


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