Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday -- and a craft

This week has drug on.

And not, at the same time.

Things we've done this week:

-I became a cripple
-We bought a house
- I went to a forever long meeting about something I have no clue about. But my bank is the best because we got all sorts of treats. Then went to my branch meeting, and got even more treats. My boss is the best.. seriously.
-Laid in bed all day, because it is that dreaded time again! Had a meeting with Jakes aunt about mortgages, and my bank. Getting our loan process started!! Got my hair figured out, and dying it next week (hair dye virgin over here, So i'm excited)
AAANNNNDDD tomorrow, I get to go to work, yay! then go to my fancy pants work party!

On Wednesday night, Jake and I heart attacked our landlords.

Now let me explain a few things. If you have never heart attacked anyone, it is nothing physical. It is simply telling someone they are loved, giving them a treat, and doorbell ditching.

Second, we live in a basement.. in Mapleton. So pretty much we have a pretty good sized apartment. One day before we move out, I'll give you a tour. ANYWAYS. So our landlords are the people upstairs. They have 3 little girls, and a boy on the way. We love to spoil those little girls with treats. All the time. They will bring us our mail, and we give them 2 suckers each. :) They are adorable.

So a while ago, I found this heart attack kit from Skip to my Lou. It was perfect, she has printables for everything, and all you have to do is get a treat.

So thats what I did. I went and used a few coupons at JoAnns for the can, and got a treat!

This is my finished product.

See.. So simple. Just add some ribbon, and wala! you're done!

 On hers, she cut out the hearts all the way, but I just cute a square out around them. One: because I had snickers at the treats. And Two: I was lazy :)

I made this a while ago, and have been waiting at least until it was February. And I figured since they would be gone next week, that we could do it.

So we got tape on the back of the empty hearts to stick on the door, and I grabbed the can of treats. We snuck up... as quietly as we could in frozen snow.

Stuck all the papers on the door, rang the doorbell and ran.

Then we hurry and ran into our bedroom. and looked out the window to watch and listen to the little girls.

They were so happy, and we could hear them run all around the house after that.

It was so fun, just to be able to know that we made them happy :)


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  1. That is so dang cute! I love it! What color are you dying your hair? I used to dye my hair but I haven't for about a year and a half. Sometimes I secretly miss it. You'll have to post pictures! :)


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