Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Recap.

Happy Monday.. Just kidding..its monday. boo.

No but really my goal for this week is to be more optimistic. About myself, life, and everything that is going on. Lets see how long I can last.

This weekend we had so much fun. Just because we did whatever we wanted. We didn't have any set plans.

Friday I got home from work, got dressed and we ran and looked at another house. Another one that we like, another one that has some problems... just another one.

Then our new friends came over for dinner, JaNae and Jared. We had a yummy dinner and played some games! It sure was fun, and can't wait to have them over again :) hopefully in our new house.

Saturday morning I tried my hardest to sleep in. After all it was my first Saturday off. But I was woken up on accident. So we just sat and watched some tv, ate some breakfast, looked at houses and was lazy for  a good three hours.

Then we got ready, I went to Orem to take my test in a blizzard, and Jake went to go take care of the horses.

after I did a little crafting with my mother in law, then I was off to get my sisters dress for prom this weekend. Watched my brother in law win his last basketball game, then we spent the rest of the night at Fat Cats bowling. A few hours bowling with Jakes family, then my sister, Ashley, came down and went bowling with us.

Did you see something missing from Saturday??

Yes, we went to the Hunting expo Sunday instead of Saturday. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be.

When we got home we turned on the Oscars. And if you follow me, then I totally blew up your feed last night..

Here are a few of my favorite tweets:

*Seth Macfarlan needs to be done.
-his opening act was just way too long, and way too boring.

*50 years of bond? I'm proud to say I have seen every James Bond movie.
-that is correct. I have! thank you to my papa and brother!

*The oscars are so not classy anymore.
-they sang a song about boobs, they made a joke about Chris Brown hitting Rihanna. It just isn't classy...

*a tie? can that happen?
-There was a tie... I don't remember what for, does it matter?? It was a tie!!

*I loved that sound of music joke!
-To introduce Christopher Plummer they did a nice little bit about when the Vontrap family was supposed to sing of the last time and they didn't show up.. too funny!!!

*Can I just say that Julie Andrews aged better than Christopher Plummer
- Truth.

*Give Anne the Jaws!!!
-They played the Jaws music whenever the speeches were too long... Anne Hathaways was too long. Needless to say.. she didn't get the jaws.

*Kristen Stewart is in pain? She looks the same as in Twilight. Amirite??
-She showed up with crutches. On stage she came limping out.. She had the same face as she did in Twilight.

*Kristens dress is gorgeous. I will give her that!
- It really was so pretty!

*Adele and Tswizzle are the same age....
-Not right! Taylor looks so baby!

*"Peace Out!"
- Tarantino is too cool!!!

*Argo for the Win!!
-I loved loved loved that movie. Jake was slightly upset, but Geez!! Now I got to stare at Ben Afflack.

*"I want to thank my wife, who I normally don't associate with Iran!" 
- Ben is so awesome!

There it is folks. Now its pretty much like you just watched the oscars!

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