Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pinterest Wednesday

Hello hello!

I love this post. We're halfway through the week! Even better, we now have a new feature here at Hansen Love that whenever you hover over a picture you have the option to pin it! (Thanks to Kailyn)

So now this makes Pinterest Wednesdays a little better. 

Good for me, the other night my friend Eryka was organizing her pinterest boards, and lots of these great quotes came popping up. They are all very uplifting and good reminders! 

Happy Wednesday!!! :)

Come see what else I'm pinning// Pinterest //

P.s. work was a good day yesterday :) things are looking up! :)

Hansen Love


  1. I loved this! I love your Pinterest Wednesdays. They always make me happy! By the way, how did you get that Pin thing to work on your photos? I've been wanting to do that for a while now, but can't seem to find a good way to do it.

  2. Those are all amazing quotes! That is so awesome about being able to roll over a picture and pin it!!


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