Sunday, March 17, 2013

The little Moments

Today was our last day in our Mapleton ward. Our last time teaching, what we thought, the crazy 12 year olds.  While we thought for the past few weeks that we couldn't stand teaching these kids, they surprise us on this last day with them.

Today we were talking about the Atonement. I personally thought it would be a tough to teach to these kids. But we watched this video:

This was the perfect way to explain how the atonement helps us in our lives. 

We then read a parable, which I didn't think they would understand, and I asked them to sum up what we read. Wow! I was blown away that they could describe what happened, and what it meant. 
These kids... They're going to move mountains I tell ya!

Then, Jake wrote this on the board:

__________________ is like ____________________

So we asked the kids to make some comparisons just like Christ did in his teachings. 

Some of the answers they came up with were hilarious, but totally made sense!

here are a few. 

- Hell is like Jail.
- Repentance is like freedom.
- Eternal life is like a meadow.
- Taking the Sacrament is like being baptized again.
and my personal favorite..
- The Holy Ghost is like your mom!

I am going to miss this class, but our next journey will be so worth it. Today I realized how very very grateful I am for the gospel. For this church. For the testimony that I have. 

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