Monday, April 1, 2013

Aubrey - Dreaming about Someday

While I am out in the sun, I have a super awesome lady posting today. Aubrey is a doll, and I have loved getting to know her. Hope you do too! She is very fun, and if you get the chance to go to the Blog Roundtable you should. That is where Aubrey and I met in person! What a wonderful person she is. I hope you enjoy learning about her, and get excited for summer. I know I am and it sure looks like Aubrey is too!

hi i'm aubrey, and i blog over at dreaming about someday. april and i "met" through a super awesome valentine's day swap and later met in real life. i'm happy to be taking over the blog today while she is off galavanting in the sun.
summer is my most absolute favorite time of the year so while april is off soaking up the sun, i thought i would tell you a little bit about my plans for the summer. my main goal in the summer is to be outside as much as possible/get a tan...kidding...kind of.
i'm kicking off summer a little early this year with a trip to st. kitts and st. thomas. i am literally dying of excitement and can't believe i have to wait another month and a half before i go. spending days and days in the sun on the beach is my idea of heaven. check back with me later in may to hear all about my trip.
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after a rough first year with the pass of all passes, i did pretty well last year. my goal is to skip work a few afternoons and pretend to be a stay at home/pool. come join me!

when i'm not at seven peaks, i plan to be at another pool somewhere. saturday afternoon=pool day.

i run outside all year long, but it's really more fun in the summer. if my body will cooperate i am hoping to run the big cottonwood marathon in september.

i also have big plans to ride my road bike more this year, play more tennis, hike a little, and go for more walks with friends. like i said, summer=outside. what about you? what are your goals/plans for the summer?

thanks april for letting me take over your blog. i'm all sorts of excited for summer now.

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  1. Excited to go check this girl's blog out! Did you get my post? I never heard a reply. Either way, have a blast on your break. :)



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