Thursday, April 4, 2013


While I'm gone I've asked some bloggers to take over. Today is Laura from Sincerely Laura. 
1. She's adorable 2. She's a fashion Student. That was my dream when I was younger and 3. She's giving away a gift card! How does it get better than that! Enjoy! She has a few goals that she wants to accomplish this summer. What are some of yours?

Hello Hansen Love readers! I'm so excited to be over here sharing with you my summer plans & goals! I love summer and I can't wait for it to get here!

1// Eat healthy. I know this is everyone's "typical goal" for any time of the year, but I'm serious! I'm definitely by no means a healthy eater, and it's a lot easier in the summer to eat healthy for me! (maybe it's because the healthy food is cheaper in the summer?) I'm really excited to start planning out all my healthy meals!

2// Go hiking... always. Here in Utah, there are mountains upon mountains, and I've only hiked one mountain in Utah ever! My husband and I are making it a goal to go hiking at least twice a week! They can be little hikes, big hikes, whatever. We really just want to get out, exercise a little bit more, and enjoy all of this beauty around us! We barely did anything outdoorsy last year (embarrassing, I know!) so we're going to make up for it this year!

3// Get tan. We are probably the most pale people on the earth. We spend a lot of our time indoors (he's an accountant, i'm a fashion student) so we're practically translucent. We really want to be "normal looking" when we dare to venture outside in our swimsuits. No fake-baking for us, though! Hopefully the hiking and spending more time outdoors will give us the sun-kissed look we're going for.

4// Spend more time together. Our life right now is crazy. He's working 40+ hours a week and going to school full time. I'm working 2 jobs, going to school part-time and doing an internship. We rarely get to see each other or spend time together, so it's one of our goals to really spend time together and build our relationship up a little bit more.

5// Visit family! Both of our families are back east, so we've already made plans to go home and spend time with them. Woohoo! Also, we've already penciled in a couple of family reunions that we're definitely attending. 

6// We have plans to go up to Bear Lake this summer (basically the closest thing we have to a beach, except it's a lake) and we're so excited! We went last year, and also last month and we love it there! Minus the freezing cold water and the fact that it's in Idaho, it's perfection.

And now, I'd like to offer a giveaway to you guys! I work at DownEast Basics, which if you don't know, is a store that is full of cute & fun clothing and accessories! I'd like to offer you all a $15 gift card to use on whatever you'd like! I love accessories and they have so many fun accessories for under $10! Or, you can use it to buy a cute new swimsuit! Don't you just love summer!?

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Thanks so much for having me April! It's been so fun!

Thanks so much Laura for taking over today! Fingers are crossed that you win the gift card! P.s. the gift card only works in stores, so make sure there is either one around you, or that you will be going to one in the future!!!


  1. I'm so happy you introduced me to her! She sounds like a sweetie. I'm now a follower of her on GFC. I'm a follower of YOU. And I really want one of their suits. I've been wanting one since they were released! ah. crossing my fingers!

  2. I'm following you on Insta!

    Now following you & Laura on Pinterest.

    Following you both on Twitter.

    Following you both on Blog Lovin! Thanks!

  3. I'm a follower of Laura and you on GFC! and I would love to buy one of their swimsuits with the giveaway!!

  4. I follow you both on Pinterest.

    Following both on Twitter.

    And following both on Blog Lovin!
    Thanks! I'm crossing my fingers!

  5. Oh you better believe I follow you!! I would use the gift card to buy either a cute swimsuit or a nice summer dress :)

  6. I also follow you both on Pinterest, Insta, and bloglovin :)


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