Thursday, May 23, 2013

Honeymoon Recap

So I was planning on doing a recap of our honeymoon trip along with all of our wedding stuff, and then things got crazy and I got lazy. So here we are almost a week later. Here is our honeymoon.

When we got engaged one of the first things we started planning was the honeymoon. We were planning a week long vacation!! Jake had never been a cruise, and he was set on going on one.

We went with a Carnival Cruise to Cabo San Lucas Puerto Vallarta. I had been on that cruise before, but I was so excited to be going with my soon to be husband. We had two days in Cabo, so the first day we went and rode dune buggies through the desert and then to the beach.

(I couldn't get my camera to work so I only have a few pictures that we bought.)

The second day we went swimming with dolphins :)

This was my choice. And it was one of the funnest things ever!!

He's so cute! I don't remember his name, whoops.

fish, gross. 

He was a fast little swimmer! 

To be honest, I was scared to touch him. 

That was so much fun. We both agreed that is was well worth the large amount of money that was spent on it! 

The next stop was Puerto Vallarta. 

It has been decided that one day when we are old and rich, Jake and I are moving there :) I do not object to that at all!!!

Here Jake chose this excursion. And this is for sure my absolute favorite thing we did. I was so scared when it said "extreme repelling and zip line through the rain forrest."
Extreme? for the girl who is afraid of heights?
I didn't think so.
But Jake convinced me. And I don't regret it. I want to go back and do it again!

We took a speed boat across to the other side of the town.

We rode this jeep? up the mountain.

Then rode donkey's further up the mountain.

Once we were at the top.. the fun began. Right here I was telling the guy I couldn't do it. Our guides were the absolute best!

Me screaming my head off!

Best experience ever! So pretty!

Sexy husband.

Our group. 

Free fall drop. That was the scariest part. I was telling the guy again that I couldn't step off the edge of a suspension bridge, then all he says is, "bye, bye." and leaned me off the bridge. 

It was so pretty!

We had a race... Jake won! 

On the way back to the cruise ship it started raining the worst I've ever seen! On the speed boat the rain was like bullets. Good thing I had a new husband to use as a shield.

On formal night we got these pictures taken.

Ahh my hair was so long!! and i was so much smaller. I need to workout. :)

That was our honeymoon! I wish I could get my camera to work so I could get the rest of the pictures, but oh well!

Happy Thursday!!

Almost the weekend, A three day weekend for this bank girl! What are you doing this weekend for memorial day?

I'm going to go visit my Grandma and Grandpa's grave and take them some flowers! That was the first thing Jake and I did when we got back from our honeymoon. Might as well start a tradition right!?

Then I'm spending the rest of the weekend with my handsome husband, and going to see one of my besties give her farewell talk!

bring it on weekend.

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  1. Holy adventurous honeymoon! Great planning, geez! Looks like you two had a blast!


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