Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Want a Puppy?

Someone needs to come and take my puppy for a little bit and play with her. She has ripped a skirt, two pairs of jeans, and dress pants. With Jake being gone this week I have been trying to go and play with her as much as I can so she's not near as hyper. Then she latches onto my leg and won't let go, thus end the play time. 

So someone needs to come take her! Okay? thanks! :)

Sorry I have been M.I.A since last week. But I am okay. I am alive! :)

We went on a trip for our anniversary and went on a four wheeling weekend. We went to a few old mines (something Jake loves!) and took a nap in the mountains next to a river.  It was fun and was nice to spend some time with Jake before he left on his little business trip.

Pictures to come!!!


  1. Anniversary weekends are the best! We're getting a puppy in a week, what kind do you have?


  2. I would seriously love to watch your puppy!!!!!! :)


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