Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday, what?

Yesterday while I sat on the couch watching I {almost} got away with it, Yes the {} were necessary, I made a printable for our new little home

My amazing sister is throwing Jake and I a house warming party in a couple of weekends. I am so excited. But now I feel like all of the little decorations that I wanted before have to go up now!

So I made this just to add a little more color!

Some of the scallops I feel are a bit squished, but I really like the way it turned out! :)

Now I just have to wait to find the perfect frame :)

Exciting news. 

I bought my first sewing machine last night! I am so excited to get started on some fun projects! and to brighten our house with some curtains and such :)

If any of you have any fun sewing projects that you have done and want to share with me, let me know!!! 

Some more happy news, Jake Will be home with me all next week!!!! I am one happy girl! I just found out and can't wait. So this girl might be m.i.a again for a second. But know I love you!

Happy thursday all! :)


  1. Um, love it! We'll have to collaborate on decoration ideas for the party! And I'm so jealous of your sewing machine! I can't wait to get a new one!

  2. That turned out super cute! I am envious of the sewing machine, I have been thinking about getting one for some time now.. They are just so dang expensive. Maybe I will ask for one for my birthday or Christmas ha ha!


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