Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happiness all around

It blows my mind sometimes the amount of negativity that some people contain.

I was sitting at my desk yesterday, just reading the news about how there has been a doctor who has discovered a way to start curing leukemia. There were about 5 comments on the story so I decided to read them. 4 out of 5 of the comments were about how amazing it is, and how happy it made them that we can finally start moving forward. Then of course there needs to be that ONE person who has to be negative about everything. How the $22 million dollars, that is going to grants for students who can help research the cure to cancer, should be going to the families of children who have leukemia so they can enjoy the time that they have.

I am all for helping those families out who are struggling because of a medical struggle. I grew up that way. But if there is a little piece of hope that we can find a way to cure a horrible cancer that is found mostly in children, give away the grants. These people will be doctors who can research deeper into this.

I'm sure I sound pretty horrible right now, but is there anyone else who can agree with me. This is supposed to be an uplifting story that is turned into something negative. Am I being kind of negative?

On a happier note, I was suppose to have staff meeting this morning at 8, and it has been cancelled. half an hour longer in my comfy bed today.


  1. You don't sound horrible at all! That ONE PERSON sounds horrible. People suck so bad! The negativity kills me. And it draws me away so quick.

  2. First off, YAY for staying in bed a little long! :)

    And second I totally and completely agree with you. I think it's sad how many people always have to find the negative where ever they go. I find though that most of those kinds of people also don't have very happy lives so I end up feeling bad for them.

    I hope that your mom is feeling better, by the way. Is there anything we can do for you and your family? We've been keeping your family in our prayers.


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