Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Anyways

There was a man that came in and talked to me at work the other day.  ** You have to understand that where I work, I am surrounded by farmers.

He was telling me about his loan and what it was for. Then I started just chatting to him because, he just seemed very friendly so I figured.. why not!?

Turns out he knows a family that I went to high school with and got started on how they are the most humble people that he knows. I loved hearing him rave about this family. Where I grew up with them I knew how they were, and how absolutely kind they are.

He went on to tell me about their grandpa, who he was friends with. How he raised his kids to be humble and kind. That they could be happy living with nothing; and that is just how his kids raised their kids. I grew up with the grandchildren so I knew that they didn't come from very much money, but they were always very kind and happy. They were smiling and participated in many activities at school. No they didn't wear American Eagle jeans every day or a Hollister Jacket in the winter, but they made due with what they had, and were soooo happy to be doing what they are doing.

I starting thinking about my life and how happy I was with what I have. I have gotten to the point where I was raised with not so much. I was raised that when I got a job that I had to start paying for things myself. I am grateful for my parents who raised me to be the way that I am.

I was very happy to tell this gentleman that I was happy with what I had in my life. He shook my hand smiled, called me and Indian Princess, and left.

I am very happy that there are people like him in this world. Good hearted, hard working people who know what it's like to not have very much, but to still be soooo happy anyways.


  1. This is such a sweet post! The few farmers I have met have all been incredibly humble, hard working, and have the best stories!

  2. Oh my heck. I have missed your blog so so much. I've been out of town and keep thinking, "APRIL! I NEED TO CATCH UP!" haha. I'm weird. But this is such a cute story. Sounds like such a sweet sweet guy & I love that happiness exists even without the materialistic things. Thank you for the reminder!


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