Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just a little sports talk

At work, there is a man who is very into sports. Sleeps, eats, dreams sports.

I think about my past in high school and all the time I spent in sports and how into them I was. I participated in Cheerleading my freshman and sophomore year (aka the Golden years), Junior year I ran cross country (the time I loved my body) and then Senior year I was on Show Choir, and I think that's reason enough to be a sport. Singing and dancing at the same time.. its a sport.

I think that I was dedicated to these sports. At least I try to tell myself that I was.

Cheerleading had to be my life. Wake up and have practice at 6 to 8. Go to weight lifting until 10. have the rest of the day then go to practice again at 6 to 8 or 9.

Cross Country I would wake up stretch go for a short run, pack up my clothes for practice after school, go to school run. Go home take a shower, eat, run again.

Show choir I would go to class and practice, practice after school if needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sports that I participated in. They were my life while I was in them, and I can tell you that I did sleep, eat, and dream these sports. I was the best cheerleader who could do all sorts of tumbling, I ran a race in 17 minutes and got the gold for girls at state, I was the best dancer that even Patrick Swayze wanted to dance with me. (huge Dirty Dancing fan over here.)

I don't know why I thought up this topic, or why I am even writing about it. It has really just been very slow at work lately and this is what I came up with.

Where you in sports in high school? Did it have to become your life?

It is for sure hard finding the separation between sports and your real life! I will attest to that!

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  1. I love that you consider show choir a sport! ;) That was my sport then! :)


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