Friday, October 4, 2013

sometimes life is rough

this blog has been really good for me over the past year and a half. at first when i started it, i was a little obsessive, and then i started to understand how it all works and grew to love it. i wanted to go to every blogger event, meet all of my blogger friends in person.

even though i haven't been to many events, or met many bloggers in person, i feel like i have a personal connection with those of you who have read my blog and commented, emailed, or text me.

that is why today i wanted to share something very special with you.

this week we were going to announce that we would be expecting a little one in may. oh my heavens you guys, i was so excited i went out and bought lots of stuff, i had a secret board on pinterest for things that would give away that i was pregnant, i think jake was getting a little overwhelmed with how excited i was.

and then wednesday i left work early because i was bleeding. we went to the doctor and she said it was too early and we'd have to do blood work and wait 48 hours and do it again.

today we found out that we have a little angel in heaven waiting for us. we are so very sad, but feel so blessed to have been able to get pregnant.

all of the love and support that we've had from our families in the past 3 days has been absolutely amazing. knowing that prayers are being said on behalf of you and your family is an overwhelming feeling. right now i feel as though my heart is about to explode from gratitude, for the love we have been shown. and also the love and comfort that we have felt from our loving Heavenly Father.

when i came home on wednesday i remembered reading another bloggers post when she had a miscarriage. reading about Meg and mckay and how they looked at their miscarriage, i was absolutely amazed. sometimes it is so hard to accept that someone is gone from this earth, but i am so glad that we have the gospel in our lives and know that we will see our little one again.

this is not meant to be a poor me post. but i want to thank you guys for always being supportive of me on here. i have gained some amazing friends.


  1. i'm so sorry! i had a miscarriage a year and a half ago and it was the hardest thing, by far, that i've ever had to deal with. the gospel is so, so comforting though, knowing that families are forever. it's so hard, but remember that your heavenly father & your husband love you so much. and this trial will make you so much stronger than you can ever believe.

    best wishes,


  2. I am so sorry April!!! I know you will be the best mother to that little angel when you get the chance on the other side of the veil. And you'll be a great mom to the children that come to join you here in the future.

  3. Oh April. I am so so sorry. When my sister had a miscarriage, we all learned how common they really are. 1 in 4 women experience AT LEAST 1 miscarriage. I know that doesn't help. But if anything, know that it's not your body or it's not you doing anything wrong. I hope you know that I am here for you & so are so many other women. I love you so much! Like Amberly said, the time will be absolutely amazing when you get to raise that little perfect angel when we get to the other side. He/She was just too perfect. Love you long time. I'll keep you and your hubs in my prayers..

  4. keep your chin up.
    "Everything will be okay in the end..
    ...if it's not okay, then it's not the end."

    love you!

  5. Oh April, I'm so sorry. My little heart is broken for you. I've been so behind on blog reading lately so I'm so glad I saw this post. I'm definitely thinking about you.

  6. So sorry! Praying for you both!

  7. Oh April! I am so sorry. You guys are in my prayers!

  8. Oh April, I am so sorry! Lots of prayers and hugs being sent your way! xo

  9. Your so strong! Just remember you know get a sweet heavenly angel watching over. God only takes those that are to perfect for this earth!


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