Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Magic and things

Hello Friends!!!!

Do you remember me? I know... I have been gone from this blog for a few days (it feels like months) but let me tell you... It has been kind of nice to take a break! But I am back!

Last night I went to visit my family. On our last few trips down, I have wanted to brings Sky because my niece, Kyah, talks about her all the time. So this time we brought her down and our first stop was to see miss Kyah Mae!

Kyah is so scared of Sky in real life. She will see a picture of her and just walk around the house saying, "dye dye dye dye dye!" (She can't say her S's yet.) but as soon as Sky is actually in front of her she shy's away. This time we were convinced we were going to get her to at least pet Sky.

It took a lot of convincing a holding Sky still but she did it, and after that all she wanted to do was pet her. Then she went running around her room playing with Sky.

Now this little girl's mama and dad have been having her watch all the classic Disney movies. I love them for that. So now she thinks there is magic in everything. She is quite the creative and imaginative little girl. I idolize her for that!

So when she smashed her fingers in her drawer from putting her blanket away, and our kisses weren't making it any better, we told her that Sky had magical kisses and would make her fingers feel better. So she stuck her hand out and let Sky lick her fingers, and BAM! She stopped crying and looked at me with big eyes! I asked her if her fingers felt better and she just looked at me, remembering the pain, and said, "yeah!"

I so wish that I could have the imagination that little kids do. I wish that I could believe in magic again! But sharing it with this cute little girl brought it all back in a way.

Thank goodness for little ones that keep the child in all of us going.

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  1. You have an eye for photography, girl! I swear, I'm always marveling at your photos. This post reminded me of a quote I saw on Pinterest last week. Now I can't remember the exact wording, but it talked a lot about not planning too much to be perfect, because then your imagination can't run wild? Ok, I totally butchered that. Anyways, I definitely need to work on having MORE of an imagination. I know I can make it happen! I guess I'm just too much of a realist. haha!


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