Friday, February 7, 2014

Heres a picture of a dog I know

Some things about Sky:

- We legally named her Skyrus.
- She will be one year old in March!!! (I'm sensing a doggy birthday party!?)
- Loves to chase her tail, what dog doesn't.
- She has total "tude!"
    *fun story, we bring Sky in when we get home from work. I had just made dinner and we sat down to eat and watch tv and Sky kept trying to eat my food (when she had ate 0% of her food for the day) so I told her it was my food and I gave her food outside and she didn't eat any of it. So she laid on the floor and pouted. Yes, pouted. She wouldn't look at me until I pulled her leg and forced her to look at me. Such a girl.

- She loves baths. If I'm in cleaning "Sky's Bathroom" and she thinks she needs a bath she will climb in the tub and sit down!
- she is our BFF.

I don't know what we would do without this pup. we just love her!!


  1. Howie pouts ALL the time if we won't share our food, it's the funniest thing ever! And then he looks so sad and pathetic that you ALMOST consider giving in because you feel bad you're breaking his heart!!!

  2. I'm so happy you have a fur child! Now you know how I feel about Mazee :) They're just like part of the family. :) Yay for fur children! P.S. She is so stinking adorable. Seriously though


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