Friday, May 23, 2014

Anniversary Pt. 1

This last weekend was Jake and I's 2nd anniversary. We have started a new tradition where we switch of planning our anniversary and valentines day so Jake isn't burdened with both every year. So I planned our anniversary this year, and I chose to go to Zion's National Park. We kind of have been on a national park kick lately and neither one of us had been to Zion's. 

We left Friday morning and slowly made our way down to Kanab. We have made it a tradition to stop at some yummy greasy burger joint on our anniversary as well. We stopped at the Thunderbird Restaurant for that requirement. We stayed in Kanab and drove into the park both days. We went on a couple of hikes, the first day we hiked Angels Landing

It was gorgeous, but seriously so high up. In this pictures we hadn't even hiked the worst part yet and I was scared out of my mind.

Finally we made it to the top. Jake recorded it all and hiking at the same time! What a champ!

So glad to be with this babe for two years. He makes things a blast!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a fun trip! Happy anniversary!!! :)


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