Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The best pancakes... ever!

Growing up, most Saturday's that my dad was home, we had really yummy breakfasts! My absolute favorite that my dad would make is Peter Paul Pancakes. This whole time I thought he made up the name because his name is Peter, but it turns out, its really a thing!

The first time I made these for Jake it was like I had just put all the goodness of everything into one bite. I'm not that good, but these pancakes are that good!!!

The best part of these is they are so stinking easy to make!! and in minutes you have goodness!


--chocolate chips
--pancake mix (I just use the super easy mix in a box :))


- make your pancake mix and set aside.
- heat up your griddle and toast your coconut. My dad used to even roast it in the oven. Whatever is easiest. After the coconut is toasted take it off the heat and set aside.
- start making pancakes, sprinkle some toasted coconut and chocolate chips in the batter. Let your pancakes cook and enjoy!

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