Thursday, February 19, 2015

2 - Weeks

We are so in love with our little Bree girl around here. She is so perfect. I can't believe that she is two weeks old! Time seems to be flying by. 

This little girl is the sweetest. There are nights where we think that she is getting the hang of sleeping good, and then she tricks us and is up every 2 hours the next night. Right now she is a little congested and hasn't been sleeping the best. Like up every hour, but we still love her! 

We are soaking up all the cute little grunts and coo's. Any chance I get, I play with her soft baby hair and hold her tiny little hands. I love seeing her little feet crossed at the ankles just like in all of her ultrasounds!

My phone is quickly filling up with pictures of the cute little faces she makes while she's sleeping as well as her bright eyes when she's awake! We miss daddy when he's gone to work but we love when he's home and can snuggle with him.

I still can't believe that I am lucky enough to be this little girls mom. We are so absolutely smitten by her! 

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