Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Right About Now

In my attempt to be more organized this year, I bought myself a cute, pink, little planner from Target to write all my crap in. We are now into the second day of February and its full of my scribbles and markings and post-its.

For the past couple of weeks I've meant to post about my baby shower that my mother in law had for me the second week in January. Why haven't I done that yet? well because I've lost my mind! I'm really hoping I get it back after this child decides to evacuate. So you get this impromptu post.

Which brings me to my next thing. Yes. I am still pregnant. Yes I have tried every wives tale trying to get her out. Pineapple (which had actually gone bad and made me sick! Thank you Macys), Spicy Food, Walking, Jumping jacks, Clary Sage oil, Evening Primrose oil, walking, cleaning my house (my house right now! Mom you will have nothing to do but snuggle the babe when you come! :)), walking up and down my stairs. She still doesn't want to come out. Well missy, it is planned that if you're not out by this weekend, you're being evicted next week! This mama is super happy!

I have had my mind on being a mom lately (duh!) it kind of freaks me out that it has all gone by so quickly. I've become a worrier. I've worried about taking care of a small human and keeping her alive. I've worried about my house being clean, about dinner being made, about keeping myself clean! this post that Meg posted this morning really helped me realize that I don't need to worry, or compare myself to anyone else. Things will get taken care of and I just need to keep my priorities straight.

oh and stop worrying!

If anyone has any more suggestions on how to get this babe here I am open to anything :)
in the mean time I am going to be walking everywhere I go.

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