Monday, June 1, 2015


In my head I had this plan that I was going to be excellent at blogging about my cute little girl. I was going to have all this information about her blogged so I could always remember everything that she does, and all of the milestones that she hits.

But alas, I am not near as organized as I had planned. At the end of the day when Bree is in bed, I either take a 5 minute shower instead of 2, and actually get to wash my hair. Or I cuddle up next to Jake and fall asleep. So you get all of the back tracking posts.


-Bree can smile, and try to giggle.
-She has rolled over twice, and I'm still not sure if its a fluke or if its the real deal.
-She is still so picky and wants to be held a certain way, and standing. You can never sit down. How do babies know!?
-This sweet thing has a bald spot on the back of her head and it makes me laugh/cry. I love her hair and I can't wait for it to grow back in.

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