Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Wiffle Ball

Just a quick little run over of what all I have accomplished today.. not much :)

ummm.. Woke up rather early!!! debated going running and decided not to! It's horrible. I need to get back out there!! maybe tomorrow ;)
The premier of the new tv show Anger Management was tonight so they played Two and a Half Men all day so I had that in the background while I actually got the rest of our pictures hung up. Now I just need some vinyl and we'll be pretty much done!! that was exciting. I'll put up the pictures of our new home tomorrow :) I now have a clean house so I can :)

Jake and I went and played wiffle ball with his cousin, his wife and some friends!
I realized how out of shape I am. and not even ready for Co-Ed softball this fall!! eek! I'm excited. Slightly worried but we'll see how it ends up! :)

After that we had to make a happy little trip to Walmart due to NO BREAD!! It's a problem and I'm sorry if anyone loves Springville Walmart.. but I can't stand it at night! There are way too many people who like night shopping!!! anyways, I got to feed my addiction and now this is what our fridge looks like.

This is the Hansen Family addiction!!! :) Pepsi company is making money off of us :)

That's about all folks!! TOMORROW I FIND OUT IF I GOT THE JOB!! WHOOT!!!


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