Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Road Trip

This last weekend was PERFECT!!! Starting with Friday, I got a phone call saying I got an interview for Bank of American Fork. I was so excited!! then went swimming with some of Jake's friends that night. Saturday we slept in for as long as we could! Which was much needed! Then we got packed for our day on Skyline of fishing then down to Manti.
I love the mountains!! So pretty especially at this time of year!!!
When we got to Goosberry Lake we set up our chairs and cast our reels!! :)
There was the cutest golden retriever that was swimming in the lake and I wanted to take him home so bad!!!
 Such a cutie!!! We didn't catch anything  and also Jake was upset cause his fishing pole broke so we decided just to head down to Shantay and Kyles' Wedding reception in Moroni.

when we were leaving we went to the top of the hill to see how far the Sanpete Fire had come.. it was scary close and later that night we could see flames all the way from Manti.
we headed down to Manti to go visit my family have a nice BBQ and then went up to Pageant!! It was too fun sitting with Jake waking him up every 5 minutes :) and quoting every line with Kayla. It was also my nieces' first time to the pageant; and for a 7 month old sitting through an hour and a half pageant.. it was amazing that she only whined a few times. It was perfect for putting her to sleep on the way home on my shoulder. She is too cute!!!
see!! too cute!!!

Anyways, we drove home that night watching the flames the whole ride home until we were well past Indianola. It's very sad how much the fire has progressed.

Sunday we finally went to our ward that we've been in for over a month! It's so weird to be in a new ward. so we only stayed for sacrament meeting and went home and got some house work done. Tons of laundry to do, AND, I was so proud of myself!! We had brought home about 6 or 7 of my stuff that I had left at my parents house and I condensed it down to one! I was so happy!
After dinner with Jake's family we came home finished cleaned and had a competition to see who could put more pretzels in their mouth.
 Jake won :)

 We spent the rest of the night chatting with his Grandparents, then watching Titanic!!!!

Yesterday I woke up and got ready for my interview!! :)
It went pretty darn good... they called this morning and told me I'm a finalist :) I really hope I get this job. I'm going to go fill out the paper work and hope I get the job :)

So I'll off to do that, then going to the temple with my hunny tonight :)


  1. April! I nominated you for an award. Just thought I'd let ya know! :) http://zacharyandsarahaverett.blogspot.com/2012/06/awards-facts-and-nominees.html

  2. Ah Sarah, can I just tell you that I look forward to your posts and also comments, I feel as though we are twins in many ways!!! :)


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