Friday, June 22, 2012

This week has been a longer week. Last week my car had to be taken to the shop to get fixed.. which means I have been stuck home all week long. Not a bad thing. I got all caught up on my Greys Anatomy watching :) Now FINALLY up to season 8!! I have watched it so much and become so addicted that I have changed my major. While watching Jake go through his Business Management Classes.. I started doubting that I wanted to do that! I was starting to think nutrition, but now Medical Assistant! :) whoot! I'm kinda proud of myself for even considering something in the medical field!
So this next year at school, that is what I'm doing!!! I'm very excited about it actually!
Other things that have happened this week, I went and helped my handsome hubby irrigate again. This time we took the dogs who got me dirty, smelly, and muddy! But it was fun to spend time with him.
We also are in need of going car shopping this week, I cannot wait to get a new car!!!!! It will be goodbye to Mazy the Mazda!
At the beginning of this week we went to a fast cars go kart track with a couple of Jake's friends. I'll admit I didn't want to go at first, but after we got there and my husband hit me and made me spin out a few times, and I got the 2nd fastest lap then I was okay with going. It was fun and I needed to get out of the house!
Last night we had a little bit of a family emergency so Jake and I drove down to Manti to go see my family! Jake went fishing with my brother, Peter. While me and my sister Liz took my niece Kyah up to walk around the Pageant and listen to the protesters for a little bit :) haha. 
I'm hoping for a good weekend, a new car, a call from the bank for a job!, Pageant with Bff Kayla and Keithy! and a really good pulled pork BBQ sandwich :) We'll see what happens :)

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