Monday, July 9, 2012

The Selling of Mazy

Alright family,

It has been a while since I posted and a lot has happened since!
So to start out, Fourth of July was awesome! Spent the day with the fam! It started out me and dad running  the 5k. No training may I add! Dad came in first in his age group! We were very proud of him! haha
Later that day, My niece Kyah was in a little fashion show. It was adorable!
 Yeah, she's adorable!!!

When Jake made it to Manti we did the egg toss, with an indestructible egg until it rolled on some rocks! Dang it! Ate some curly fries, snow cones, then went home and went swimming the rest of the day!

That night we went to the football field to go enjoy seeing if the fireworks were going to start another fire :) and also to see little Kyah bear watch the fireworks for the very first time!!
She loved them!!! So stinking cute :) I know I say that about every picture of her, but.. yeah.. it's true!!!

Next little tidbit... ummm I missed my Sunday Insights and will catch up on that either this week or wait until next Sunday :).

BIG NEWS! I got a new car! I absolutely love it. We are in the process of selling Mazy the Mazda right now. We've been getting phone calls all night about her. I'm excited to have a new car, but Mazy was my first car. I have been paying for her all by myself. I just am mildly upset about it. But my new, blue, honda civic needs a name. So if any of you have any good name suggestions for my car :) please let me know. Yeah, I'm strange... naming my cars. But it happens. My last civic was named Princess Sophia. So now you know kinda how I name my cars. The "feel" I want with it!

Some other big news! I got the job at the bank. Today was my first day. It went like a first day and I actually caught on to quite a bit.  More of an update on that later this week.

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