Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Hello Friends--

I don't know if you know but... it is hunting season. The Elk Hunt to be more precise. Well it is a very well known fact around our house. Jake has been in and out of the mountains since the opening day! Silly boy. Well He wanted to go hunting over the weekend, and I didn't want to be left home alone so we went CAMPING! So I went shopping and got all of the goodies that you MUST have when you go hunting/camping. We took Jakes cute little dog, Daisy. We had a nice time up in the mountains. Just some nice clean fresh air and my cute hubby!

Little Daisy Duke Hansen
Before we left to go camping we went to see my family because, not only is it hunting time, first day of school, but also the SANPETE COUNTY FAIR!!!!! Some good old hick fun :) We went walking around the car show. Jake and Daisy are the perfect example of dogs being mans best friend.
Looking at Bronco's. 
Daisy was all too interested. :) haha

Then we watched my brother, Peter do the PIE EATING CONTEST!                                                                

We were all so proud. He couldn't keep a smile off of his face! It was really kind of silly!
After spending some time with the family, we started heading up the mountain before it got too dark.
here are some pictures from our camping adventures.
Jake picked me some wildflowers!
Isn't he a sweetheart :)
Went on a four-wheeler ride looking
for elk, and got stuck in a huge rain storm!
oh the fun that we have :)

Getting our weekly Sunday
nap in 
We sure did have a fun time.

After our fun weekend we had to come back to the real life.. School started. I had a super blonde moment. Went to the wrong class at the wrong time. I started to really hate my life, but then it got better when I realized that I had switched the times of my classes and got to the right class. 

The day got better when I came home and saw this!!!

which can only mean ONE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have gone through the longest process to get these, thats why I am sooo super excited to finally have them in my possession :) yay!

It was a very good day. 

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That's it for today guys!!! 

Have a good TUESDAY!!!!!!!

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