Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Washing pillows

Today was my day off. As usual I do laundry and clean the house on my day off. Well... Laundry kept coming from somewhere. I don't know how it happened but I was doing laundry all day long. The one thing I was very happy about though was that I got around to washing our pillows. I kept reading places that you need to wash your pillows twice a year. It all made sense when they said that our pillows are full of sweat, dirt, and even mites. And I just don't like bugs... Even if they are microscopic.
I had brought the washing of our pillows subject up to my husband one day and it just frightened him. His pillow is his safety blanket. He packed it with him through his mission (it has been washed since!) and it has that certain feel to it. So I looked online and no matter what blog I read, everyone was saying the same thing. So here we go:
1. For a top loading washer, do two pillows at a time. One on each side to keep everything balanced.
2. Don't put near as much detergent in that you usually would for a regular load, and run it on the fastest cycle.
The first time I ran it I put too much detergent and it just sat on top of the pillows. So I washed them again to clean them all the way.
3. For drying just put them in the dryer. But also add tennis balls in socks. I used longer socks so they wouldn't come out. The tennis balls help get the water deeper in the pillow out and also fluff up your pillows. This was a plus with our feather pillows. I left ours in the dryer for about 90 minutes which seemed to be perfect!

And there you go!!! You have clean pillows!!!! Just a little something I learned today!!! And I'm so happy I did!! Our pillows look brand new!!!

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