Monday, August 13, 2012

The wedding of a friend

Last Friday one of my very best friends from high school got married. After 5 years of dating they finally made it official! It was so good to spend that amazing day with them!!! congratulations to Kayla and Keith!

When I started my blog I promised Kayla that I would dedicate a post to her... I was waiting for this day!!! So here it is K.
We met in 6th grade doing cheer.. And we have been best friends ever since. Like all friends we did have some rough patches but that's what made our friendship so strong. We always called each other sisters, because after 9 years of friendship you really are!!!! We have seen each other go through bad relationships, and good relationships. We have had our fights because of each other and also other people. We have seen every movie under the sun together. We've cooked, cleaned, sang, done makeup, hair, gone shopping, done pageants, won and lost, laughed and cried, read books, exercised, dressed up, had photo-shoots... And amongst everything we have always stayed best friends! She was there for me when I was married..... The most special day of my life. And I was so happy to be apart of her wedding..
I hope that we can forever be friends. Congratulations Kayla! BFF's forever.

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