Saturday, September 1, 2012

Date night and the bachelorette

Sooo... Can I just say it has been a crazy past two days!!!! Let me just explain.

For the past few months I have just been feeling nauseous at random times and getting searing headaches and then finally when it got to the point on Thursday when I almost fainted I decided I should probably go to the doctor. And my very loving husband was so kind and has been so worried that he called my doctor and made an appointment for the following Thursday. Well I had gone home and was just feeling awful and extremely wiped out!!! People kept telling me that they thought I was pregnant!

Well let me tell you! Right now, some times I kinda wish I was!!! Haha

Anyways!! So I wake up on Friday and am just not feeling good at all!!!!! So I called a different doctor and got an appointment that was within half an hour! Wahooooo!!!! So I hurried and sped down two towns to Payson, only to get lost and drive to 3 central Utah health clinics until I got the correct one!

Finally! I got to the doctor. And he has me sit up in that crunchy paper (which I hate) and he starts poking around on my stomach until it absolutely hurts!!!

Well guess what folks!? It's my gallbladder!!! Which I found out from my intelligent mother, it doesn't heal itself which means I can be sick until it gets pretty darn bad or just have it taken out..... Yeah. Surgery. Not my thing!!!!! Ugh. So the doctor said to kind of watch my intake of fatty foods... That's my favorite food group!

Before all of this happens, it has been the week where, anyone married to or knows a farmer, this person has been missing all week long. It was time to cut hay. But it's not just cutting its all sorts of other stuff too. Cutting, letting it dry until its just right! Praying it doesn't rain and mold it!!! Rake it, bale it, stack it, sell it, stack it again,deliver it.. And done.

My dear sweet husband is such an amazing guy that he works his tail end off doing this four sometimes five times each summer! And he works for every cent he makes!!!! I'm a proud wife :) he's a good egg :)

But anyways, while he was off doing that all week, I was sitting at home missing him and being sick... So Thursday he comes home and tells me to come home from work the next day and get dressed up cause he's taking me on a nice date!!!! "I'm splurging" I believe were his words :) what a cute hubby I have!

So on Friday night we hop in good ok Harry the Honda and head down the road. Eventually I caught on that we were going to the river woods. Which I love!

While we were waiting to get a table for Taconos we went and played some arcade games and won prizes like the champs we are! We also went to get a nice appetizer of an assortment of chocolate at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Yum!!!

Then we sat outside waiting for our table for a while longer when a couple walked by us coming out of the restaurant. The girl looked oh so familiar when today I found out it was Emily and Jef!!!!!! From the bachelorette!!!! I have been upset all day that I didn't realize that it was them!!! But it was still cool that I saw them!!!

My Jake is the sweetest boy! I'm so glad I married such a good guy that still will help me feel better when I eat a carrot and chomp it down where my wisdom teeth used to be and they swell up and I whine all day about t!!! I love him and that he takes me out on dates still!!! What a good man :)


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