Thursday, November 29, 2012

don't mind if I do

This is a little belated... {is that the word??} but hope Thanksgiving was wonderful! I was sick that same week, so I stuffed my face and much as my sick tummy would let me..

and no... I am not pregnant.


Can you believe it is almost CHRISTMAS TIME!!!?!?!?
at work, we have been counting down to christmas by our paychecks. So friends, as of this second, Two more paychecks until Christmas! Crazy!

Here in the Hansen home, our tree is up and smelling wonderful.


She's a beauté! Growing up we always had real christmas trees, until mom got new carpet, and it just hasn't been the same. Real ones are the way to go.
even with the extra work.
vacuuming up the pine needles, watering it every second, and smelling it every second!!! ahhh. i love it!
Mr. Jake even got his own little tree!.
 Jake is kind of a grinch when it comes to Christmas, and well, I am MRS. CLAUSE! I love Christmas more than any other holiday! So I was so happy when I turned around and Jake was putting stuff on this tree :)

I am a little sad that it hasn't snowed yet. I have been wishing and wanting. But I decided that we needed to buckle down and get our Christmas card pictures taken. Its almost December and we still needed to order cards and send them out... sooo these are the pictures that we came up with..

Twas a bit chilly outside so we snapped a few and trucked on home...

So happy its thursday... NIGHT!! heres to the weekend!!! :)

-- April


  1. LOVE those trees! Trevor and I don't have one :/ haha I just didn't see the point since we wont be here for the holidays, but I guess we could have done a little one like yours! Good idea!

    1. haha thanks for your comment. If you're as much of a Christmas freak as I am, even a little one adds to all the joy and excitement :)

  2. I found you through our ornament swao link up. Your Christmas card photos are so cute!!!! Now following your darling blog. Happy Holidays.

  3. you look so great! beaufiful christmas photos :)
    santa claus is coming... it makes me happier :D

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