Thursday, November 15, 2012

Super clean


how is everyone's week going so far!?!?!

I cannot believe that it is already THURSDAY!!! and Thanksgiving is in a week. It's crazy!
This week has been wonderful! Since Veterans day was Sunday, I got Monday off of work! 2 days off this week! WHOO!!

But I am very grateful for all the veterans. I have sooooo many just in my family! And two members of my family that are serving our country at this time! Geez they are amazing! And I love them very much and am so happy that they are willing to give their life and time just so I can sit on my comfy bed, with my laptop, and write this post :)
But really!

Since I had those days off, I got so much needed deep cleaning done! I love walking in my house now! I feel like it's someone else's house!!! I finally used one of those pinterest cleaning things for my dishwasher! It is soooo good I didn't take a before picture. You would've really been grossed out. Seriously!
But this is After!
Yeah. Its sparkling! :) Super easy too!
1 cup white vinegar - run through one cycle. 
Sprinkle 1 cup baking soda on the bottom - Run through one cycle.
BAM! Done :)

This last weekend was my ADORABLE nieces 1st Birthday.
Heres some pictures from that crazy party :)

She loved our cute little Christmas Sweater we gave her :)

YEAH! She knows how to do it! 

I love this little Family! :)

They are so cute! 

After 6 months, Jake FINALLY has his room cleaned from his parents house! Its such a relief to have that done :) and now we have everything somewhat organized :) 
But while we were over there, his mom showed me this picture of Jake when he was little!
He is soooo cute :) we just have to have kids that look just like him. Poppin his hip, cute little bow tie, and comb over! SOOO CUTE :)

haha hope you all make it through these last days!
Have a good rest of the week :)

-- April

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