Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Cards

they are here.. THEY ARE HERE.....THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!

My Christmas cards are here!!!! nothing too exciting, but I am so happy! I love getting stuff in the mail!!!!! 

This is what I spent my night doing last night. Searching for addresses. Now I need to go buy a ton of stamps and send them on their way.  

So if you know me, you could be getting one of these babies in the mail! whoot!

Already Tuesday! Lets see if I can make it through this week, because next week......... IS VEGAS!!! Whoo I cannot wait! We're going down with Jakes boss and parents to watch the NFR.. (national finals rodeo) It is the best rodeo week to watch... ever! So cool, so much fun, and so hick! But we love it!
It just means I get to do a little bit of shopping and wear my cowboy boots!

Heres a little somethings to brighten your Tuesday morning.

-- April

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