Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hump Day

Oh how I love Wednesdays! My day off. But today my friends.... all I have done all day is homework!!!!
thats what I get for being such a procrastinator. But I have got 3 large math assignments done, and watched quite a few hours of Friends.

I have done it :) and I'm not sick of it one bit. My dvd player got a little bored of it though and stopped playing them, so that just gives me an excuse to take a break from my homework and blog a little oh and also watch TANGLED :) I am a child at heart. I very very much enjoy all disney movies.
and as far as the newer Disney movies go.. this one is by far my favorite!!
Such a cute movie. 

Its a little dreary looking here, so I'm going to continue to lay in bed and watch movies as long as Jake will let me. So hope you guys have a great rest of my day off! :) Cause I know I'll be enjoying it!

-- April

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