Thursday, December 27, 2012

it's Friday, friday

ah! Is it Friday yet!? I feel like it has been forever since Christmas or even Sunday!!! I have been working open to close all week and I am ready for a break. one thing that has been fun is sitting and playing with my new kindle fire he!My husband is the best. I didn't technically ask him for it, but he still knew what I love!

so tonight we decided that we would watch a movie..... because I was in a whiney mood and Jake watched one of my childhood favorites...

the great mouse detective!!!!

does anyone else remember this movie!? and most importantly, did it scare you as much as it scare me when I was little? super creepy bat!

we watched it on my new kindle, it's amazing. I'm never using a computer again. just kidding, but really!

EVERYONE! have a fantastic Friday tomorrow! be safe as well. I don't know if where ever you are if you have snow, but we have so much the snow plow people never have it done when I leave at 8.

Happy Friday!

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