Sunday, December 30, 2012

Let the planning begin!

WOW!!! Christmas came and went. So fast! how was yours?? Ours was soooo fun! so fun! We both worked right up to Christmas eve. Then went to a party with Jakes mom's side of the family. Where I became a proud owner of a new Coco-Motion! I have used it 50 times already! but really!

Christmas Eve we got our pajama's from his parents then went home, and got in bed! In my family it is tradition that when you wake up in the morning and see the tree, there are candy canes hung on it. Jake never did that so I felt I needed to give him a taste of my families traditions as well.

So I planned on sleeping for a while and waking up and getting things ready then going back to sleep. Well I woke up and got it all done, but I could not fall back to sleep! I guess I was just so excited to see what Jake had got me.

Please excuse the bed hair. 

THEN FINALLY! we opened our presents. and my dear sweet Jake got me what I wanted. A Kindle Fire HD. I never came out and said I wanted it but he just knew. What a gem!!! :)
He got to enjoy his new cowboy hat, and snowmobiling coat. 

I loved our first christmas together, but honestly, I am kind of excited the holidays are almost over!

speaking of.... DUN DA DA DA!!!!!

It is now time to make our new years resolutions. While I was reading one of my magazines this weekend I found some tips that might actually help us keep our resolutions a little longer this year! 

First. Find Your Cue.

You need to train your brain by finding triggers or cues that set it into action. Such as a specific place, a time of day, a person, or a sensory trigger like food or a song.

Second. Set a Reward.

Give yourself a reason to motivate yourself to stick to your goal and routine. Set a reward such as a bubble bath, or an episode of your favorite tv show when you are finished working on your goal for the day.

Third. Go Public.

Let other people know what your doing and continue to update them. Its good to have the extra support from another crowd. Twitter, Facebook, or your blog ;) sometimes you'll have days where you will feel like you want to give up and want to quit, its nice to have some other people there to keep you going!

So go ahead friends. Let make resolutions that really are going to get us some where! Mine are coming later this week! What are some of your resolutions???

Have a good New Year!!!

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