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Guest Post>>>>> Woolsey's In Love

Today, I am so excited to have one of my very good friends from high school to guest post!!!!! This is Kayla Woolsey! We met in 6th grade doing Jr. Templar Cheer and have been friends ever since. She recently got married to her high school sweetheart in August. Kayla is the bubbliest(its a word) girl I know. 

Hey! This is Kayla, I blog over at Woolseys In Love Go check it out, don't forget to follow me!

Table and Chair Re-done = FABULOUS!

This week my BFF April asked me to guest blog for her, I was so excited!  And I had the best idea for a post... Back before it was -24 here in Manti, My husband and I acquired a slightly damaged table, it was much larger than the table we were using so we were thrilled!  It just needed a little TLC.  We also had some old chairs that needed a little love.

I should have taken a "before we sanded the crap out of it" picture, but I forgot, so I'll tell you the process step by step process and you will have to use your imagination for the first part! :)

1. Sand the crap out of it.  Depending on how "used" you want your table to appear, sand a lot to get the dings out or sand just a little to get the finish off.  

When I looked up if I really needed to sand the table online, some people said no... But then I consulted my all-knowing DIY Queen Mother!  She said sanding was mandatory!  

2. Find a stain that you LOVE the color of that won't clash with all the stuff in your kitchen.  (or dining room)  We chose red mahogany.

3. Then we rubbed the stain all over the table with rags (again my mom's idea) it worked a lot better than brushing it on and it dried in HALF the time!

This picture is kind of a step ahead! (The chair wasn't painted at this point, but its the best picture I have of the table color.)

4. We let it dry for a long long time because we didn't want it to be sticky.

5. Then we picked out a varnish to make it shine "like the top of the Chrysler Building!" (Annie Reference)

6. Next we moved onto the chair.  At first, we decided on spraypaint, BUT they didn't have the shade I wanted to I settled for this blue.

I really wasn't happy with it, AND it took a whole can of spray paint.  With 4 chairs to do, this was too expensive.  We went to the paint store (aka Walmart) and picked the color I actually wanted, a cool seafoam green. 

See how much better the green is??

7. Varnish the chairs... and DONE! Viola` AWESOME! :)

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They are so crafty, and I feel like they are always making something! This turned out awesome! They may need to do a few things for me! Go to her blog and read up about Kayla, Keith, and their life! They are funny people and I'm sure glad to know them! Even though we do live too far apart! 

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this fabulous lovely lady! I'm excited to go check her out. Also, your comments make my day. Thank you so much.


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