Thursday, January 31, 2013

The weekend, The shopping, the coupon, and the posting.

Any day after Wednesday, I feel like I need to shout the day of the week.. THURSDAYYYYY!!!!!! almost done with the work week. And who is more excited about this week than me?? No one I tell you! No one. Because, not only did I get last Saturday off of work for our concert, but I also get this week off because the new girl is doing so good she can go in. Happy girl right here.

Bad part. I have to go grocery shopping on Saturday. Worst day ever! Especially at Walmart. Especially Springville Walmart. K people. I'll admit it. In college I would wear my sweats with a pony tail to Wally world, but then I got married to J, and he condones that. And now I am just fine with putting on a pair of jeans and a bra to go buy a (half) gallon of milk.

Speaking of grocery stores, I am beginning to coupon. My sister and her boyfriend have really gotten into it and have saved a lot of money. Such as her last shopping trip. 3 things of eye makeup remover, 2 avocados, 2 lemons, and a big bag of hash browns for $1.40.

That's crazy. One of their other shopping trips they both bought all sorts of stuff that they could use for quite some time. What should've been $40-$50 came out to be $15.

So my amazing sister Ashley, wrote me up a list of how to's, and links, and I'm going to try it out. See if I can save a little dinero.

I'll keep you updated on that!!! and let me know if you have any tips for couponing or even if you just have something to tell me, I accept that as well :)

Happy Thursday.

P.S. I am posting over at All You Need is Love... And a Dog today. Sentimental post about my hero. Go check it out! :)


  1. Holy cow! That is awesome! How does she do her coupon stuff? I know what you mean about Walmart though. Jared and I hate going to Walmart so that's why we switched over to Win Co. Now grocery shopping day isn't bad at all.

    1. I know, I worked at a small town grocery store down in Ephraim, and now I love shopping at Maceys because people are so much nicer, and willing to actually help you!

  2. April. Couponing is my life!! I always pricematch from maceys cause they have the best deals! is excellent. And the Sunday paper :) I love the guest post ;)

  3. walmart is just horrible to go shopping on the weekends! the lines are just packed!

    anyway, lovin your cute little blog here.
    following :)

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