Monday, February 4, 2013

a letter to you

dear readers.

I think I have become a cripple. I can't lift my head without shooting pains down my neck and back. For this, my post will be rather short today!

Heres the story. I had Saturday off, as you all know. Jake kept telling me that I could go snowmobiling if his dad didn't want to go. Friday night (after looking at a house, I'll get to that story in a second) Jakes Dad decided he would go roping instead. Which meant I had to decide if I wanted to be responsible and stay home and get my homework done. Or go snowmobiling with Jake and all of his friends.

So I got my homework done late Friday night so I could go snowmobiling in the morning. I was still really tired and didn't know if I wanted to actually go once it was time to wake up. I got up anyways and got dressed. After about two hours, we were finally up the canyon and on our snowmobiles.

To start off, my fingers were frozen five minutes into the ride because my gloves were frozen so I wore Jakes. When we got to the top there would be times when Jake would motion to me to stay back and they would check to see if a certain hill would be okay to ride on. After a while of this, I was sick of not being able to go where everyone else was going. So being my emotional, hormonal self I started to cry. Turned off my snowmobile took my helmet off and cried. Just because.

Finally, Jake came to see why I was just sitting there and realized I had been crying. After calming me down, he asked if I was having fun. "no." I said, and then he started to feel bad. I didn't want it to turn out that way, I just wanted to go home. He convinced me into riding around and trying to have some fun.

After a while of the boys jumping off a hill for a while they decided to go down further in a steep canyon and side hill off the big hills. If you have ever rode a snowmobile, then you know when you are going DOWN a steep hill, and there is a river bank in the middle, you have to stand on the very edge of one side of the snowmobile, and if skilled enough tip it on one ski to be able to get down something like that.

Well I was just getting frustrated. I kept getting sucked down towards the hole. So Jake said we could ride double until we got down. So we were riding double, we were in the green and were going to make it to the hills. When all the sudden we hit a bump, I got knocked off the snowmobile, Hit the shovel handle sitting on the tunnel (long metal part behind the seat), bounced off and landed face down in the snow. Jake ran to me in knee high school faster than ever possible. I went into shock for a few minutes, then calmed down.

Right then I thought my back would have a huge bruise from the shovel handle and that would be the last of my worries.

Well I woke up yesterday and couldn't move my head without pain. We came to the conclusion I had whiplash. OOH the pain!

so that is my story. here is where I ask for advise. If anyone knows any wonderful remedies for relieving the pain, or helping it go away, PLEASE SHARE!! I have used an icy hot patch, and pain relievers, and nothing has helped!!

thank you for listening to my horrendously long story.

The house story comes tomorrow!


The woman with the messed up neck.


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. The only thing that really helps me with that kind of pain is hot baths followed by cold showers. Peppermint tea, coconut water and just drinking a ton of water. Good luck!


    1. Tried a few of your tips and they really helped! Thank you :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm so glad that you are okay! That sounds so scary. I wish I knew something that could help. I have a lot of neck and back problems in general, but I know for me that the best thing for me to do is to stretch my neck. I do it very gently, but it seems to help me get over it faster.

    1. that did help, lots!!! thank you! :)

  3. Replies
    1. What?! You give massages!? I'm in! :)

  4. aww i so sorry that suck! But glad your ok!

  5. Oh man. That totally sucks. I'm sorry, girl! Gotta have them bad days to enjoy the good. Excited to hear about the house story though!

    1. True story! :) thanks for the happy thought :) makes everything better!


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