Tuesday, February 5, 2013

House story

I want to thank everyone who wished me better yesterday! And thank you also for your tips. When I got home from work, I made Jake give me a back/neck massage and I have felt much better since!

Yesterday I just mentioned a house story. Well here it is. Way back in the fall, Jake and I decided when our rental contract was up, we wanted to be in a house of our own. No more paying rent, and one step closer to starting a family. We started looking and was even hooked up with a realtor and got pre- approved. Once the holidays hit we had too much to do and to think about, we put the house hunt on hold. 

At the beginning of the year we started looking again. Since our contract is up at the end of April, we made a plan to find a house by the middle of February or beginning of March. 

About 3 weeks ago Jake and I were just flipping through all of the houses that we had stared at before on one realty site. Finally, I decided to zoom out a little bit, just because. And there it was! A house out in Lake Shore. The place Jake wanted most to live in.

So we started looking more into it, and found out Jake went to high school with the kid living in it. We went and knocked on their door before sunday dinner, and asked if we could take a quick peek around. They gave us a nice little tour. Once we walked out the door, I couldn't hold it in! "I LOVE IT!" I told Jake. It has wood floors, a fire place, and a yard. everything on my check list :)

After a week of thinking, praying, and talking about it we told our realtor about it. We had an "official" walk through last friday. We got to look at all the little details. We talked about how we go about all the paperwork, signing, offering, and all the other stuff you have to do when buying a house.

Saturday afternoon we put in a offer on the house! I was so excited I could hardly wait til Monday night to find out if they would accept or counter offer. 

All day yesterday I kept reloading my email. Just waiting to see if we got the house. Finally! I got an email. They counter offered... A little disappointing, but it is still lower than we wanted to pay. I feel like the Lord is with us, and that house is where we are supposed to be. 

Like my wonderful Mother in law told us sunday, "if you're supposed to be there, it will all work out!"

We put in our counter offer tomorrow. I will keep you updated, but there you go! That is our latest big news. 

We could be house owners by the end of March :)

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  1. Yay! That is so awesome! Such a cute home. Jared and I are so happy for you guys :)

    1. Thank you so much! we still all need to go out to dinner. Next weekend?? I have a work party this weekend. And then you guys will have to come over when we move in too!

  2. You have a house!!!! That is seriously so cool April!!! AHHH! Can't wait to see more pictures! CONGRATS!!


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