Friday, February 22, 2013

If you could read my mind.

I feel like I say this every week but, its finally Friday!!

Today I wanted to just let all my sloppy, messy, makes no sense, thoughts fall out. This post was inspired by Kailyn with this post.

It seemed like a good way to get everything out.

*inspiring quote, check.

1* I'm such a pushover. At the bank there are tellers.. then there are tellers who also open new accounts, send wires, and do all sorts of other stuff. I am the newest one. So I get all of the crap work. And get yelled at. And get corrections all the time. But I don't ever fight back, or anything. I just take the beating. It kind of ruined my week.

2*Do I cook good? Tonight I invited one of Jakes old mission companion and his wife JaNae over (bloggy friend) I'm worried I chose a stupid dinner to make, and that its not going to turn out okay. I've never even made it before. I'm kind of a tard. oh well.

3*My abs hurt. I started this 7-day challenge for abs.. I will go onto the legs and arms but holy! its a killer. I want to fit in my jeans again. I feel like all the weight I've gained is all in my butt. J-lo has a nice booty.. but I want mine to be a tiny tush. It's a good thing I don't own a scale.

4*I'm am numbering my thoughts I don't know why .. now it seems sort of dumb. too many thoughts.

*So much going on in my head, I haven't been sleeping. That's why I'm doing this.

*We need to find a house. We decided to leave our rental contract a month early.(the end of March) Even if we're not in a house. Plan is to stay in Jakes' parents trailer until we find one. We want to be in the process of getting one. I have a picky husband. I'll live anywhere.

*Speaking of.... We backed out of the other house. We had a home inspector come and look it over. Well there was between 10 and 15 thousand dollars of repair work to be done. Before we could live there. And they said they would drop the price about 3,000... ridiculous! that is a dangerous house. so, now we're on the hunt again.

*I want to be out of Mapleton. If there is anyone from Mapleton reading this, I will apologize if I hurt your feelings beforehand. Mapleton is full of rich snooty people. We barley go to church anymore. I know it's a lot on our part, but we've been here for 10 months and people still ask if we just moved in. We've never seen our home teachers. My visiting teachers don't come see me. It's just hard. We go to Sacrament and teach our class and leave. I hate going into relief society and sitting by myself. Every week. (I'm done with this thought)

*Ethics test this weekend. I don't know anything about any of the guys I've read about. But he gave us every single question word for word. This class is a pain.

I think that is all I need to spill about today! :) Maybe I'll start a link up so I can see what you all are thinking about. :) and we can all be supports for each other! Would you guys like to do that? let me know!


  1. I just wanted to say how excited Jared and I are about coming to your house for dinner tonight! Also, I totally know what you mean about Mapleton. We are actually planning on staying in our ward in Provo even though we just moved. Good luck on your test! Can't wait to see you tonight!

  2. Oh and I would love to join this link up :)

  3. I liked this post. It's kind of fun to see whats going on in your head. I'm sorry your ward is so frustrating! That's not fun at all when people aren't kind and welcoming. Good luck with your dinner (hope you guys have fun!) and good luck with your test!

    P.S. I loved your post on Carmina's blog today! Everything you said was just so spot on. Especially about blogging for yourself. Loved it!

    Jana @ life could be a dream

  4. Oh April! I feel for you, girl! :(
    I understand how you feel about the not having a house thing. Jaron and I are in the exact same situation! We're moving out tomorrow and we're moving in with my parents (yikes) until we find somewhere else. So here's to us and our problems lol.
    I'm also so sorry to hear about the snooty people at church. That's the biggest bummer! But don't let those snoots keep you from going to church! Go to church because you know you need it, and I promise that friends will come in time :) I'll pray for you!
    I love you!


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