Thursday, February 21, 2013

Together, we make a FAMILY

I may be a little bias... but I'm thinking that my family is pretty much the best there is :)

Growing up.. my siblings were a pain... and now, they are my best friends. My new little brother is one of my best friends. My new mom and dad are for sure the best, along with my real ones :)

I couldn't have asked for a better family to spend eternity with.

**Photos of Hansen side taken by Elizabeth Stoneman*
**Photos of Case siblings taken by Keith Woosley*
**Photo of Case family taken by Tricia Cox*
**Photo of Case family @ wedding taken by Courtney Crockett*


  1. You are definitely biased. Because my family is the best. Haha just kidding. I know you and I are blessed to be in the family that suits us best. LOVED these pictures! Your family seems pretty darn awesome.


  2. Cute pictures! That is so awesome that you and your family are so close. I think that is the best :)


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