Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinterest Wednesday

Have you ever had one of those dreams where everyone is against you, and your husband (boyfriend, best friend) won't stick up for you?

Just had one of those. I know it was just a dream because Jake would stand up for me no matter what! But those kind of dreams just put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day!

And I really don't want to be a in a bad mood because we just BOUGHT A HOUSE :) We are so excited, and have no idea whats going on at the same time! Its a really good thing our landlord in a realtor and sat and explained everything to us last night.

I really need this Pinterest Wednesday to keep me in a good mood today, because I have to go sit in a 3 hour meeting.. on IRA's. What's that you ask? I have no clue. something to do with Banking, and I need to know 3 hours worth of it.

SOOOOOOOO.... It hit my right smack dab in the face that I would show you some of my favorite things from Pinterest that just make me smile or laugh my face off!!!

hahahahahahahha! doesn't that just make you smile!? even a little bit!?
Have you ever seen the llama song from youtube? well this is one of the pictures from it! It always makes me laugh. I love animal pictures.. as you will see!

To be honest... yes. yes I do think this. And, Yes I need to be better!

hahah. That smile!!! Too good!

if you don't know what this means... watch THIS!!! so funny! I love her!

have you seen this movie? Bridesmaids? MY FAVORITE MOVIE!!!!

Friends. Joey. Enough said.

I told you. Animal Pictures.. I love! especially if they are dancing!!!


and I just don't know why I keep choosing jobs where I have to interact with people.

hahahha again.. animals. They are hilarious! :)

Funny thing is... I can pretty much quote this whole episode! 

 okay, this is just cute! :) 

Okay. Hopefully at least one of those made you smile. I'm feeling better already! :) Happy Wednesday!

P.s. the URL is changed back to it messed some things up, so we're back :) 
sorry for the confusion!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love your Pinterest Wednesday! That totally made my day. I seriously busted out laughing in the computer lab when I read the one about the Titanic! I'm sorry about your bad dream, I hate those kinds of dreams.


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