Thursday, March 28, 2013

Boxes, bags, and Laundry

I really want to say that I have a good post for you today... but I don't. I'm Sorry! and for not posting yesterday either. I feel as though I ran smack dab into a pretty red brick wall!

And plus.. This is what our house looks like right now!

This is what Jake tripped and fell on this morning when coming in to say goodbye! 
It made for a good laugh! :)

I have read up on some good packing tips when  you move. But here are some of mine!

1- get LOTS of boxes! 
2- get lots of rest!
3- De-Junk while you go!
4- Take a minute for yourself. Take a shower, and watch one of your favorite movies!

I finally got a good nights rest last night, and woke up energized! So I got a little more packing done. Now off to work. Then come home and pack some more! 

The thing that keeps getting me through is that we will be leaving for California on Saturday night. And on our cruise Monday morning! I cannot wait to finally have a vacation! :) and when we get back, we get to move in!

**If you haven't seen yet, I am in need of guest posters while I'm gone. If you are interested Email Me.** I would need everything by tomorrow or saturday at the latest! 

Thanks friends!


  1. I'm pretty sure my favorite thing about moving is being able to go through everything in the house. I always have a ton of boxes for what I want to keep, what needs to go in storage, what I am donating, and garbage. :D

  2. I'm visiting from We & Serendipity and I'm officially a new follower! LOVE your blog! And sadly, my house looks like this right now, but I'm not moving or going on vacation... I'm just lazy and trying to survive the rest of my semester :P



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