Thursday, March 21, 2013

Goodbye to a friend

Hello lovlies. 

It is thursday. Thank to the HEAVENS!!!
I am so excited for this weekend. Why? Because one of my very best friends from my yonder years is giving her missionary farewell talk. She is going to GUATEMALA! 

Me and my dear friend, Marissa, have been friends since she moved to Manti when we were in 6th grade. We were buddies, and had our little tifs over WHO KNOWS WHAT! But once we made it to high school, we both made it onto cheer and she became one of my very best friends!

 (marissa, brookie, me)

Our first summer of cheer we hung out quite a bit. Then we both decided to compete in whats call Miss Independence. It is a pageant for girls between the age of 16-18. The week of the pageant my family decided to go to Yellowstone. But I had to stay behind for our cheer fundraiser, Little Girls Cheer Camp, and practice for Miss Independence. 

So I bunked with Marissa for a week! 

I think that is when our friendship really grew. We would stay up late talking about boys, calling her boyfriend. Leaving messages of disney songs on his voicemail. Oh my! We laughed for hours and hours. Can I just tell you how much I love this girl. She's so pretty!

If you couldn't tell us three were inseparable! Love these two!

But I really am so proud of my friend Marissa to make the decision to go on a mission. She is going to be an amazing missionary, and I cannot wait to write her letters every month! 

What a great example she is to me!!!

On another note. Jake went to the dentist on Monday. He called me after her got out and informed me that he had 0, ZERO, nada, No cavities. 

Now, Here is where I express my frustration. I can brush my teeth more than him. I can floss more than him. I can use mouthwash more than him, and I will still have more cavities than him. I really hope that our kids have his teeth because my mouth was graded with a big fat F!

Five. Five cavities that have to be filled. I'm a little upset. But let me quickly tell you about the last time I got fillings. It was the day that Jake proposed to me. I was sitting in that chair listening to my teeth being ground to a pulp. *like that image? Well I sat there with my eyes closed counting the seconds until I would be finished with that pain.

Today, I was told that when I come in to get my fillings done, I can bring a movie to watch! What is this geniousness (its a word) that has been found? I am so happy and excited to get my cavities filled! and I get the day off to do it. Another plus! Is there anyone else that has this luxury when they go to the dentist that I have just been missing out on??

The whole time I was sitting at the dentist today, all I could think of was this picture.

 Another plus of today, I have great gums! 
Happy Thursday!

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  1. That is so amazing that people will volunteer their time to go on missions like that. Good luck to her! yay for good gums, boo for cavities. :(


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